Do you struggle with any of the following symptoms?

Joint pain
Brain fog
Muscle pain
Digestive problems
Skin problems

These symptoms, along with many others, may indicate you have a serious autoimmune condition.

Have you asked doctors about your symptoms only to be told that nothing’s wrong?

Friends, family, and colleagues often don’t understand how difficult it is living with an autoimmune condition.

Some days, doing even basic things— cooking, cleaning, spending time with friends— feels like a chore.

Some days you feel fine.

Some days you are barely able to function.

FACT: Your body is designed to heal itself.

Autoimmunity and its debilitating symptoms CAN be reversed and successfully managed.

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The dark side
of having an autoimmune condition.

There is no known cure for most autoimmune disorders— they are chronic and they are degenerative. They can be devastating. However, your destiny, and the quality of your future years, does not have to be defined by the conventional approach— waiting and then medicating. A lot can be done to minimize the severity and impact of your autoimmune condition, if you have the right guidance. Seeking the right help as early as possible can make a big difference for you, your loved ones, and your career.  

Having an autoimmune disease
is stressful and worrisome.

Autoimmunity wreaks havoc on your professional life, creates hardships for your family, and leaves you feeling alone and uncertain about the future.

  • What will my life be like in 10 years, or 20 years? 
  • Will I still be able to work?
  • ​Will I be able to enjoy spending time with my kids, friends, my spouse?
  • Will I be able to do the activities I love?
  • What kind of quality of life will I have if my disease keeps progressing?  

What Doctors don’t do…

Unfortunately, many doctors don’t understand the true nature of autoimmune disorders. The conventional approach to autoimmunity is to prescribe anti-inflammatory, immune-suppressing drugs. Sadly, suppressing the immune system merely masks the symptoms, and does NOT address the cause of the problem.

If you don’t uncover the ROOT CAUSE of your symptoms, your autoimmunity will get worse.

  • Have you ever walked away from doctors’ appointments feeling utterly discouraged and hopeless?
  • Have you ever been told that nothing is wrong with you— that your symptoms are “all in your head”?

If you experience any ongoing symptoms, it is a sign from your body that something isn’t right. It deserves to be investigated.   If you have a nail in your hand, you don’t just take aspirin— you need to remove the nail!

There is hope

  • What if you had energy again?
  • What if the brain fog lifted?
  • What if the extra weight you’ve been carrying started to drop away?
  • What if you could ride bikes with your kids and not be down for the count?

I know these things are possible for you.

I know this because I have been through it. I have an autoimmune condition— and I now enjoy the best health I’ve ever had. I also know this because every day, I help my patients start healing the damages caused by autoimmune diseases.

Susan’s Story

Susan* was a mother of 6 who recently found out she has Hashimoto’s. One of the effects was panic attacks – so horrible she couldn’t get out of bed. You can imagine that with 6 kids that just doesn’t work. She was scared. She became a patient and after some investigating, we discovered she has a sensitivity to a certain food – it made her autoimmunity worse. As soon as she quit eating that food, the panic attacks stopped. From there, we started to unravel the many complex layers of her autoimmune problems, and today she is feeling healthy and enjoys her life to the fullest— and those 6 kids got their mother back. *name changed for privacy

How functional medicine approaches autoimmunity

Different autoimmune conditions affect different parts of the body, but they all have one thing in common: the body attacks itself. The conventional way to treat these problems is to ignore them until they become unmanageable, and then to use powerful anti-inflammatory or immune-suppressive drugs. The problem with this approach is that it puts you at increased risk of infection and can cause a host of other significant problems, including osteoporosis, kidney failure, cancer, and even death.

  • What if, instead of using drugs to mask the symptoms, we asked why your body is out of balance?
  • What if we figure out the best ways to help your body heal?

This approach is called functional medicine, and it is aimed at solving health problems rather than masking them. Functional medicine is about finding the root causes.

With all autoimmune conditions, it is possible to regain your quality of life and maintain it.

To do that, it’s important to ask WHY the immune system is overactive and attacking your own body. Then, it’s important to address those areas and restore balance to the overactive immune system.

My story— why this is personal…

I understand what my patients with autoimmune disorders go through, and I know how to help them start healing. Not only do I help hundreds of people in my private practice every year, I too, have an autoimmune condition. I know what it’s like to be told there’s nothing wrong— and that there’s nothing that can be done.

Before I became a doctor, I saw, first-hand, the pain and suffering that autoimmune disorders cause. After watching several close family members needlessly suffer, and ultimately die from their devastating conditions, I began to seriously question the conventional treatment options.

Very few doctors ever look for the cause of the problem!  This was not acceptable to me, so I decided to focus my practice on fully understanding the root causes of autoimmune problems, and offering solutions that address those core problems, rather than simply trying to cover up the symptoms.

How to start healing

When you begin working with me, I’ll take you through my Root Cause Assessment, where we look for the 8 core, known triggers for autoimmune flares. The triggers we investigate include:

  • Food sensitivities
  • Hidden infections
  • Insulin resistance
  • Gut health
  • Hormones
  • Heavy metal toxicity
  • Iodine excess
  • Lifestyle factors and stress

Once we identify the root triggers that pertain to you, we create a specific plan to address them.

The healing process starts with you.

Are you ready?

Together, we’ll work to find the root cause of your condition and start your process of healing. I can help you enjoy the full capacity of your life, if you are:

  • Interested in discovering the root causes of your problems rather than just suppressing symptoms;
  • Willing to play an active role in your healing process;
  • Motivated to make necessary dietary and lifestyle changes to support your health.

I’ve devoted my career to helping chronically ill people find the root cause of their problems. I’d love to guide you on your journey to better health.


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Free Guide: The Single Most Important Thing to Do if You Have an Autoimmune Condition

To learn more about autoimmunity, and how to start the healing process, simply click the link below. I’ll send you my free guide: The Single Most Important Thing to Do if You Have an Autoimmune Condition.

Send my free guide!

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